meat it 3 wireless meat thermometer
meat it 3 wireless meat thermometer
meat it 3 wireless meat thermometer
meat it 3 wireless meat thermometer
meat it 3 wireless meat thermometer
meat it 3 wireless meat thermometer

Unleash perfection with Meat°it 3.

Best for grilling
Relax while you cook
Perfect results guaranteed

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    • 3 sensors

    • Measurements temperatures : 32 to 212°F

    • Ambient temperatures : -22 to 1000°F

    • Compatible: stove, grill, oven, BBQ, smoker, rotisserie, sous-vide

    • For meats, fishes and poultries

    • Precision to the nearest degree

    • 320ft range

    • 50h autonomy

    • 2min flame resistance

    • Dishwasher safe probe

    • 1 measure/s

    • Bluetooth 5.2

    • Magnetic charging station

    • 2 AAA included

Shipping, return, warranty


Free shipping and return in North America.


Fast delivery via UPS.


14 days return if unopened.


2 years automatic warranty.



What types of meat is Meat°it 3 compatible with?

You can use your thermometer for all pieces of meat, poultry, and fish that are at least 300g and 2cm thick.


What type of cooking equipment can I use Meat°it 3 with?

Meat°it 3 is compatible with: Stove, grill, oven, BBQ, smoker, rotisserie, sous-vide


How can you guarantee that the thermometer withstands flames?

The secret lies in the fact that all the electronics are located in the metal part, which is cooled by the meat’s temperature during cooking. Only the black part is exposed, and it is protected by a thick layer of zirconium ceramic.


I have a very thick Kamado; can you assure me that the signal will pass through?

Yes, as long as you keep the dock very close to it.


The walls of my house are very thick; what range can I expect?

We have measured results up to 320ft outdoors. Indoors, Bluetooth waves can indeed struggle to pass through multiple rooms, but we still guarantee a satisfactory range!

They love°it!

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BBQ cooking


This wireless meat thermometer is a must-have for any grill enthusiast. It provides accurate temperature readings and has a strong, reliable connection. The app is easy to use, making cooking to perfection a breeze.

Caveman style


I love the Meat°it 3 thermometer! The three sensors provide accurate temperature tracking and its flame resistance adds peace of mind during high-heat grilling.

I’m impressed with the Meatit3! It’s super easy to set up and use. The range is fantastic, allowing me to monitor my grill from a distance.

This thermometer exceeded my expectations. It’s accurate, durable, and the app interface is very user-friendly.

Your new ally

meat it 3 thermomètre viande sans fil / wireless meat thermometer
100 % Wireless
1°F Precision
long range wireless meat thermometer
320ft Range
Wireless thermometer for smoking meat
50h Autonomy
2min Flame resistance
meat it 3 thermomètre viande sans fil
IP67 Dishwasher safe

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3rd generation,

3rd sensor.

meat it 3 wireless meat thermometer
meat it 3 wireless meat thermometer

The machine learning,

cooking algorithm.

Machine learning cooking algorithm connected thermometer

Your cooking app.

Multi cooking

Connect up to 4 thermometers on the same phone and enjoy the flexibility of managing all your cooking tasks on a single screen.

Light mode

Too sunny outside while cooking? Keep your sunglasses on and switch to the light mode for a higher contrasted view.


Add customizable time or temperature alerts. Perfect for multi-tasking.

Smart resting time

Did you know that your meat will taste better if you let it rest before eating it? Don’t worry, we’ll calculate it for you.


meat it 3
You’ll love it
meat it 3 thermomètre à viande sans fil
meat it 3 thermomètre à viande
meat it 3 wireless meat thermometer
meat it 3 thermomètre viande sans fil
meat it 3 thermomètre à viande sans fil
meat it 3 thermomètre à viande
meat it 3 thermomètre à viande
meat it 3 thermomètre à viande
meat it 3 thermomètre à viande
meat it 3 thermomètre viande sans fil
meat it 3 thermomètre à viande sans fil
meat it 3 thermomètre à viande
12 reviews for Meat°it 3 – Wireless Meat Thermometer
  1. Jonathan Lion


    Great thermometer, stable range, nice app!

  2. jamesjohnson789690 verified owner


    I bought this thermometer for weekend BBQs, and it’s been pretty handy. I like not having to stand by the grill the whole time

  3. william.leebbq verified owner


    I love this thermometer!! Precision is ok. App is great with the possibility to quickly switch between light and dark mode during cooks depending of the sunlight. Range is pretty good too in comparison to competition like meater. Price is sweet that’s a nice deal right now!

  4. Dave Brown verified owner


    Piece of crap, won’t connect..!

  5. Matt Jones verified owner


    I was a beta tester of Meat°it 3, I’ve use a lot of similar products. This one impresses with its extensive range and stable connection. Cooking results are great but that’s almost always the case with other competitors. One thing that is great is the app which is really well developed. The prices is truly an advantage too, you won’t fin any other product with the same quality at this price. However, the probe’s thickness could be slimmer for minimal puncture on meats.

  6. Guillaume Leroy verified owner


    I did my first tests with beef ribs but also chicken and even baked fish. Using the thermometer ensures perfectly cooked results every time. The associated app is intuitive and user-friendly and the design is really nice. It offers a range of useful features such as personalized temperature alerts and cooking guides for different meats. It’s a definitely worth the investment for any cooking enthusiast or barbecue enthusiast.

  7. Melvin Watt verified owner


    As a BBQ enthusiast, having a reliable and accurate meat thermometer is an absolute must, and the MEAT°IT 3 definitely delivers. The two internals sensors are really a huge plus comparing to other ones. 4 stars because the ambient readings could be better but the overall product is really well thought and designed!

  8. John Smith verified owner


    Good thermometer, beautiful app, strong autonomy. Ambient readings could be better but overall great compromise to Meater + with the flame resistance

  9. Blake Davis verified owner


    First one did not worked…! Customer service is good and replace it immediately. I love the app, and the little plastic fork to extract the probe but I found the range to be very limited to what they advertise.
    It’s more likely to be around 100ft in open sight than 300ft but that’s similar to similar products. The autonomy is huge!

  10. Eric Goldsmith verified owner


    The Meatit 3 is a great thermometer! I have the meater plus and I find the meat it to be more reliable and stable. Also the high heat resistance is a huge plus comparing to the meater one!!
    Will be a second one for my son

  11. Brad Parker verified owner


    Great product!

  12. Kyle Brown verified owner


    If you’re looking for a high heat resistant thermometer like me, go for it. Trust me you won’t be disappointed

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