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Orka: cooking thermometers

At Orka, we integrate cutting-edge technology with design to create cooking thermometers that are both elegantly simple and remarkably powerful, crafted to enhance the daily lives of aspiring chefs.

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ORKA : Elevating Culinary Precision with Connected Thermometers

In the realm of culinary innovation, ORKA stands as a beacon of excellence, bringing over a decade of expertise in crafting cutting-edge solutions for diverse kitchen environments. Specializing in both hot and cold settings, ORKA is dedicated to providing innovative hardware and software solutions tailored to the unique needs of the culinary and restaurant industry. At the forefront of our offerings are connected kitchen thermometers and temperature probes, meticulously designed for unparalleled precision, catering to both culinary professionals and enthusiasts. 


Positioned as a leader in temperature monitoring through the Internet of Things (IoT) in the food domain, ORKA introduces groundbreaking solutions that enable the continuous monitoring and control of food temperatures throughout the entire chain. From kitchen thermometers, Wireless Meat Thermometer for barbecue or cold chain probes to IoT components seamlessly integrated into complex equipment like ovens, barbecues, sous-vide machines, fryers, connected spatulas, and more. 

For example, ORKA has developed a successful Bluetooth Smart Thermometer with a major manufacturer and marketer of home appliances partner to cook meat, poultry, and fish perfect every time within oven, grill, stovetop, and smoker. 

Our Expertise: Pioneering Culinary Technology

ORKA has earned its stripes as a leader in the development of advanced digital technologies for demanding kitchen environments. Our talented team of experts has tirelessly tackled the complex technical challenges posed by extreme heat and cold conditions, resulting in reliable and aesthetically pleasing communication solutions. 

We value the feedback of culinary professionals, which has driven the development of products such as laser thermometers, infrared probes, and IoT devices for ovens, barbecues, and even connected spoons and utensils. Our mission is to simplify work processes, improve operational efficiency, and ensure food safety. Our value proposition lies in the reliability, design, and efficiency of our solutions, striking the perfect balance between technicality and simplicity. 

By utilizing advanced IoT sensors and robust wireless connectivity, we empower users to monitor food throughout various phases, from storage and cooking to transportation and final service. Whether through hardware interfaces or our applications, users can visualize data, receive alerts for anomalies, and take preventive measures to avoid costly losses or health risks due to temperature variations. 

Our vision is to become the trusted partner of businesses for temperature monitoring. We firmly believe that IoT technology can enhance the quality and safety assurance of products while optimizing our clients’ operations. We are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation by investing in research and development in France, establishing strategic partnerships, and remaining attentive to the changing needs of our clients and their feedback on our electronic devices. 

Our Hardware Solutions: Empowering Culinary Excellence

At ORKA, we believe in the power of technology to enhance the performance of the culinary and restaurant industry. Our advanced hardware solutions, designed in France, withstand challenging conditions while offering intuitive usability. Our products are available through numerous partners at competitive prices, including: 

Digital Kitchen Utensils: Precision at Every Step

Whether it’s a BBQ gathering, oven-roasted dinner, or your children’s birthday cake, our kitchen thermometers are essential allies for any culinary enthusiast. Available in our online store, ORKA’s kitchen thermometers are indispensable for perfect cooking. Whether for meat, chocolate, or pastry, our thermometers provide precise measurements with digital displays and features like timers. These tools are as essential as your kitchen knives, ensuring surgical precision in cooking. 

The kitchen is an art, but perfect cooking is a science. Kitchen thermometers provide unparalleled precision in measuring the internal temperature of meats, fish, cakes, bread, and other foods, allowing you to control the degree of doneness with surgical accuracy. 

2. Cold Chain Monitoring: Ensuring Food Safety

Food safety is a top priority for professionals in the restaurant, food logistics, and health industries. Ensuring the maintenance of the cold chain, from delivery to table presentation through cold storage, is essential for preserving the quality and safety of food products. Our temperature probes are specially designed for rigorous cold chain monitoring. 

Our temperature recorder is an essential tool for businesses that handle, store, or transport temperature-sensitive foods like meat. Precision-designed, this digital tool ensures constant and reliable monitoring of storage conditions. Built to withstand demanding environments, our electronic probe is made from high-quality materials, capable of enduring extremely low temperatures, ensuring its long-term durability and performance. 

Do not leave anything to chance when it comes to food preservation in cold rooms. Choose reliability; choose our temperature probe for rigorous cold chain monitoring. Immediately available, it will help you protect your sensitive goods, ensuring food safety and preserving your business’s reputation. 

3. Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Applications: Transforming Culinary Experiences

The digital era has revolutionized how we cook, and smart kitchen tools have become indispensable for both amateur and professional chefs. Our expertise in application development allows you to develop a comprehensive offering under your brand, connecting with users and providing real-time feedback. 

Our applications allow real-time temperature monitoring, tracking stock temperatures, generating reports, recording preferences, and more. They give you total control, whether you’re in the kitchen or outside, using your phone screen. Our applications alert you when the desired temperature is reached, eliminating the risk of overcooking or undercooking, and allow you to generate monthly reports. Our experienced development team excels in creating custom applications for kitchen thermometer monitoring, understanding the needs of chefs and culinary enthusiasts, and providing solutions that truly enhance the cooking experience. 

4. Data Management: Harnessing the Power of Culinary Insights

We have developed a monitoring platform that allows us to aggregate a large amount of data from various cooking sessions conducted by chefs during tests or by numerous individual users who perform cooking in the oven or on the barbecue. Using this wealth of culinary data, we have developed algorithms that constantly improve user experiences and the use of our digital solutions. 

These algorithms, incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, allow us, for example, to enhance the calculation of remaining cooking time, refine alert thresholds based on kitchen professionals’ habits, analyze trends to prevent malfunctions, and much more. 

Our Vision and Commitment: A Trusted Partner in Culinary Innovation

At ORKA, our vision is to become the trusted brand for culinary and restaurant professionals by providing accessible and advanced technological solutions. We are committed to continuous innovation, listening to our customers, and staying at the forefront of technology to meet their evolving needs. We heavily rely on customer feedback around our connected products to continually improve our offerings, whether on prices, additional accessories, evolving delivery methods, the digital shopping experience, commercial offerings, or the connected probe itself, such as adding a screen, timer, or accessory like a knife—indispensable for a complete culinary experience when tasting meat—or a scale if you are more into pastry, or even a spatula for chocolate! 

In summary, ORKA is more than just a technical, IoT, and software development studio. We are the engine of innovation in the culinary and restaurant industry, providing effective, intuitive, and reliable hardware and software solutions. With our expertise, commitment to quality, and vision for the future, we are ready to accompany your business to new heights. We combine culinary and digital know-how present in France to create state-of-the-art digital solutions. 

Team up with ORKA today to transform your kitchen and restaurant operations. Contact us to learn more about how our solutions can meet your specific needs and enhance your success. Do not let technology overwhelm you. Discover how our applications can transform your culinary talents. Contact us today to discuss your kitchen thermometer monitoring application development project. 

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