The Science Behind our Wireless Meat Thermometer

Embarking on the journey to master the art of cooking meat is a delicate dance between creativity and precision. In this realm, wireless thermometers, epitomized by the innovative smart meat thermometers like Meat°it 3 , Meatstick or Meater thermometers, introduce a precise scientific dimension to the culinary experience. Let’s delve into the captivating science that underpins the functionality of these sophisticated devices, exploring temperature sensors, heat resistance to grill, battery life, wireless communication protocols, and the cutting-edge Real-Time calculation algorithm.

1. Temperature Sensors: Precision in Every Reading

At the core of every connected thermometer lies a network of highly sensitive and accurate temperature sensors. Crafted from advanced materials, these sensors can have accuracy between 0.1°C and 1°C but with the analogic/ digital path the data is going through the final accuracy is more between 0.5°C and 1.0°C.

It can be optimized by strategically positioning the sensors to capture temperature readings but at the end it will always depend on how you insert and position the probe within the meat. Indeed, during cooking or grilling, as indicated in our article “The Science of Cooking Meat: Protein Denaturation and the Maillard Reaction”, the gradient of degrees is quite high and so 1 cm could modify the results. But it will not impact the attained level of doneness, whether it’s a medium-rare steak or a perfectly roasted chicken.

At ORKA, we deliberately refrained from adding more sensors to our products. Our rationale is straightforward: an excess of sensors, particularly those spaced less than 3/16” (4.78mm) apart, typically necessitates combining data from one to three sensors to derive averages. While more sensors might increase the product’s cost, it’s unclear if this would correspondingly enhance precision. We believe such additions would not significantly improve the user experience. Hence, our Meat°it 3 features three strategically placed sensors – 2 internally and 1 at the surface for the ambient temperature, ensuring an optimal experience. We are convinced that increasing to five or more sensors would not substantially enhance the cooking process or the flavor of the meat.

The true essence of merging technology with culinary artistry is rooted in the dependability of these temperature sensors, rather than the quantity of measurement points.

2. Heat Resistance: Endurance in the Kitchen Heat

The kitchen battlefield, with its grills, smokers, and ovens, can be harsh. Connected smart meat thermometers, such as the resilient Meat°it 3, are meticulously engineered with robust, heat-resistant materials. This design ensures that the device endures the high temperatures inherent in various cooking methods without compromising accuracy or performance.

That’s why the main part of the electronic and the battery is placed at the end of the inox part of the probe which has to be inserted within the meat. The meat cooked will at the maximum reach a temperature of 180°F or else your taste is more for fired meat than cooked meat! So the electronic is protected and isolated by the meat to reach important degrees.

But you still have to place a sensor and the antenna for Bluetooth communication within the head of the probe. Meat°it 3 has a head made in zircon ceramic that makes up the head of the probe protects it from -30°C/-22°F to 500°C/932°F. The electronic within it is protected. Zirconias are mainly used for their thermal properties:

  • Good resistance to thermal shocks and extreme degrees;
  • Low thermal conductivity and also for their expansion coefficient, which is close to that of metals.

It is so resistant that it supports direct contact with flames for 2 minutes. In other words, your thermometer is practically indestructible, and we are the only ones to offer this quality. Zirconium oxide ceramic materials also provide excellent erosion, corrosion and abrasion resistance.

3. Battery Life and Autonomy: Longevity in Cooking Sessions

The longevity of a connected thermometer’s battery life is a pivotal factor in its effectiveness. The Meat°it 3, a pioneer in culinary technology, boasts an impressive battery life designed to withstand extended cooking sessions. To ensure a 50h autonomy to the probe for long last cooking we used a Li-ion battery of 25mAh with a charge time of 50 min, an operation temperature range up to 180°F and a cycle life of more than 500 charge/ discharge.

Optimized for continuous usage, the battery features ensure unwavering reliability throughout slow-cooking or smoking processes that might span several hours. This extended autonomy provides chefs and home cooks alike with the peace of mind to focus on crafting culinary masterpieces.

4. Communication Between Probe and Dock: Wireless Connectivity

The seamless communication between the probe and the dock marks the intersection of technology and culinary finesse. The Meat°it 3 utilizes advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology to establish a robust connection between these two components like all the other smart meat thermometers (Meatstick, Meater, Thermopro, etc.). It can reach a 320 feet range and last during 50h of continuous cooking. As the probe captures real-time temperature data from the meat, it seamlessly communicates this information to the dock, creating a continuous feedback loop. This wireless connectivity empowers users to effortlessly monitor the cooking process through a dedicated app on their smartphones, offering flexibility and convenience.

This communication could also be used to update the probe and keep it at the edge of the art in terms of cyber-security and functionality.

5. Dock Communication: The Hub of Culinary Intelligence

The dock of a connected thermometer serves as the epicenter of culinary intelligence. Beyond receiving real-time data from the probe, it engages in a two-way communication with the Meat°it 3 app on your smartphone through Bluetooth connection. The thermometer use Bluetooth because it is the most common and best way to communicate with you smartphone and remotely monitor your grilling. The wireless communication range is typical of Bluetooth communications (up to 160 + 160ft range).

 This bidirectional wireless communication ensures that you receive accurate and up-to-the-minute information about your meat’s cooking progress while it is on a grill, or within an oven, a barbecue or a kamado. The dock acts as the central command center, orchestrating a symphony of data to deliver a perfectly executed culinary performance.

It also integrates a SDK integrated to the app, it gets hardware data and user data in input from the app, computes machine learning and speed cooking. It retrieves the latest configurations (models and firmwares) from the backend. The main purpose of this SDK is to help cooking probe integrators to access data about the cooking which aren’t directly given by the probes and must be computed regarding current and past temperature values. The main features are:

  • estimate how long it will take to reach a temperature (RT),
  • estimate the oven temperature (T°Oven),
  • tell if the cooking is going too slowly or too fastly (Cooking speed),
  • Etc.

6. Real-Time Calculation Algorithm: Predicting the Future of Your Dish

At the heart of every wireless smart meat thermometer, including Meat°it 3, lies an advanced algorithm designed to provide Real-Time (RT) cooking information. This algorithm takes into account a variety of factors: the current temperature, desired doneness level, ambient and internal temperature, and the rate of cooking, whether in an oven, on a barbecue, a pan, on a grill, a slow cooker or within a kamado, etc. It has been trained with more than 500 internal testing with chefs and more than 2,000 customer reviews at the beginning. Integrating this data, Meat°it 3 offers highly accurate predictions of the remaining cooking time. As the cooking process progresses, the algorithm continuously refines its calculations, enabling users to plan their meals with accuracy, ensuring that the final dish meets their culinary expectations.

Additionally, each piece of temperature-related data processed is collected by the back-end system to further enhance the learning capabilities of the probe. Meat°it 3 employs state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, utilizing the amassed cooking data to elevate daily cooking experiences. This ongoing process of data collection is instrumental in improving cooking management and increasing the precision of future predictions.

7. Unlocking Culinary Precision with Science

Connected thermometers seamlessly blend science and art in the pursuit of culinary perfection at an affordable price. The amalgamation of accurate temperature sensors, heat resistance, extended battery life, seamless probe-to-dock communication, intelligent dock communication, and a state-of-the-art Real-Time calculation algorithm ensures that your culinary creations consistently reach new heights. The Meat°it 3, a vanguard in this culinary tech revolution, harmoniously combines these elements, empowering users to unlock the full potential of their cooking prowess.

Empower your cooking experience with our smart meat thermometer app, offering affordable solutions to monitor and prevent under or overcooked meat. Set customized or use the pre-programmed alarms  like ‘almost done’ and ‘remove from heat’ for precise and stress-free results.

Conclusion: Elevating Your Culinary Experience

As you embark on your next culinary adventure, consider the intricate science behind the connected thermometer. The Meat°it 3 stands as a testament to how technology, when harnessed with precision, can elevate your cooking experience to new heights. Explore the realms of culinary excellence with confidence, armed with the knowledge that your Meat°it 3 is not just a thermometer but a culinary companion backed by the power of science. Experience the fusion of art and science with the Meat°it 3, available at ORKA with a stock in Europe and USA, a low price and great reviews. Elevate your cooking game and savor the symphony of flavors guided by the precision of culinary science.

In the world of connected thermometers, every temperature reading, every communication signal, and every algorithmic calculation contributes to the symphony of culinary perfection. With the Meat°it 3 as your guide, elevate your cooking game and embrace the precision of culinary science in every dish you create.