OEM cooking thermometer
OEM cooking thermometer


X3 is a wireless cooking thermometer dedicated to oven and BBQ cooking which is extremely resistant to heat:

500°C /932°F. 2 patents granted in Europe and US.

Triple sensor measurement

Ultra resistant to heat

Bluetooth 5.0

Record, transfer, monitor temperature from -30°C/-22°F to 500°C/932°F

Standard features :

  • 3 precision sensors
  • Measurement temperatures: 0°C/32°F to 100°C/212°F
  • Operating temperature: -30°C/-22°F to 500°C/932°F
  • Accuracy 0.5°C, 1 measurement/s
  • Range up to 70m/220ft
  • Autonomy 50h
  • Flame resistance up to 2 minutes
  • BT5
  • Internal memory
  • IP67: dishwasher-safe probe
  • Bluetooth charging and relay dock provided
  • Remotely configurable and optimizable

App features

  • Cooking set-up: meat, cut, temperature, fully editable
  • Alert if target reach or thresholds exceeded
  • Remaining time calculation
  • Cooking speed indication
  • Multi cooking monitoring on one screen
  • Cooking graphs
  • Personalized alerts
  • Smart resting time
  • Dark and light mode
  • React native development

Customizable features

  • Hardware:
  • Additional sensor
  • Magnetic charging dock: color, embossed logo or new design
  • Probe: laser engraving
  • Colored silicon socket for identification
  • Measurement frequency
  • Bluetooth activation frequency
  • Data storage
  • Programs
  • Add your logo
  • Colors and font changes
  • Add or remove features
  • Change the cooking programs
  • You can also licence the SDK and build your own app

Backend development

  • Storage of all cooking datas
  • Data visualisation per sensor
  • Machine learning capabilities
  • Algorithm simulation
  • Algorithm evolution